Renting a house in Eindhoven or Region:

If you choose to life in the city of Eindhoven they are lot of possibilities.
A general prize indication only !:

  • studio apartments:
    a single room including sleeping area, living area and small cooking facilities: +/- 600 – +/- 1.000 euro
  • traditional apartments:
    living room and separate bedrooms, separate kitchen, bathroom: +/- 1.000 – +/-1.700 euro
  • family houses:
    2 or 3 stock houses, (small) garden, garage: +/-1.300 -+/-2.500 euro and more

Facts and Figures about Eindhoven

  • Eindhoven is the largest city in the southern Netherlands and the 5th largest in the country.
  • The Eindhoven region has over 725.000 inhabitants.
  • Eindhoven is a trend-setting centre of innovation and technology
  • Eindhoven has a world-class Technical University Eindhoven.TU/E
  • the Design Academy Eindhoven is perhaps the nr 1 in the world.
  • 40% of all R&D activities in The Netherlands take place in the Eindhoven region.
  • Eindhoven is sometimes referred to as ‘Light Town’ - a reference to Philips Lighting.
  • The closest foreign big cities are Antwerp (Belgium) and Düsseldorf (Germany).
  • The Dutch capital Amsterdam is only 125 km away.
  • Its location on major transport routes and the presence of an airport make the region an important crossroads. The "Route du Soleil" does start here.
  • Eindhoven is the City of Sports: besides PSV’s sockerteam the area also excels in swimming and horse riding. There are excellent sports facilities, including swimming pools, hockey fields an indoor ski and snowboard centre, a climbing wall, country clubs, and a many golf courses around Eindhoven.
  • The cultural climate in the Eindhoven region is diverse - the Van Abbe museum is internationally recognized for its modern art collection.
  • The Frits Philips Muziek Centrum offers a wide choice of classical and world music concerts, and offers an international program.

Places to live
You can choose to live in the beautiful villages around Eindhoven (app. 15 - 20 minutes by car) such as:
Veldhoven - Waalre - Son/Breugel - Helmond - Geldrop - Nuenen

Or you can consider to live in places (app. 30 - 60 minutes away by car) like:
's-Hertogenbosch (Den Bosch) - Tilburg - Breda - Weert.

Eindhoven is relatively near to a number of other cities that are worth visiting:
Amsterdam - 125 km;
Maastricht - 90 km;
Antwerp - 90 km;
Brussels - 130 km
Düsseldorf - 110 km;
Berlin - 640 km;
Cologne - 155 km;
Paris - 435 km.

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