Moving abroad

Relocation Eindhoven offers the perfect solution to homeowners who need to leave the local area and who want to have their homes professionally cared for in their absence.

If you decide to rent your property, we arrange viewings in your absence and ensure that your home is well presented. We represent you at each viewing, and undertake rental negotiations on your behalf.

If your home lies vacant for any length of time we undertake the many additional duties required to maintain your home. We deal with your post, forwarding important items to you. We ensure that your property is adequately ventilated and will conduct regular inspections, especially during cold weather or after severe storms. We also organise and undertake any repairs needed at the property, in full consultation with you. By entrusting your home to Relocation Eindhoven you can have complete assurance that your home will be expertly cared for whether it is rented or vacant. Please contact us for more information about how we can look after your home in your absence.