About Eindhoven

Most foreigners will already know all about the multinational giants such as; Philips, ASML and NXP, and more but also Brainport and the High Tech Campus are internationally famous. Don’t under estimate the Eindhoven’s football team, PSV, one of Europe’s best. Culture buffs may also be aware of the Van Abbe museum contemporary art museum, which has an outstanding international reputation, or the Design Academy Eindhoven, renown as one of the world’s best design schools. Many sport facilities at a high level are available.

But the Eindhoven region also has far more to offer. Eindhoven and Helmond (automotive industry) are the largest cities, both cities have a green character and form a thriving regional hub with a fine choice of restaurants, bars, shops and culture venues. The surrounding area, the Eindhoven region, is dotted with picturesque villages such as Nuenen, Son en Breugel and Geldrop and there are plenty of forests for those who want a taste of the countryside.

On a European scale, Eindhoven is on an important crossroads. Form here the "route du Soleil" starts from the Netherlands to the South of France at the Cote d´ Azur. Other Dutch cities such as Utrecht, Amsterdam Rotterdam, and Maastricht are all within 1 to1.5hours by train or car, and cities in neighboring countries such as Brussels, Antwerp, Aachen, and Düsseldorf are similarly close at hand. Looking further, Eindhoven Regional Airport is a becoming a main port to Europe and that means that destinations such as Paris, Milan, Barcelona, London, and Rome are all within easy reach.

The Eindhoven region is one of the powerhouses of the Dutch economy, and accounts for 14% of the Gross Domestic Product. 40% of all investments in research & development in The Netherlands are made in the Eindhoven Region. The Region holds third place in the European Innovation Scoreboard. Its ambition is to take the No. 1 place in that ranking by 2013 at the latest.

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