Extra costs

As space is limited living in Holland is expensive. It is important to be aware of these extra costs, as they will impact your actual living expenses while living here. Taxes on the list are the most common.

In addition to the first month’s rent after signing your lease agreement, you well be expected to pay a deposit equal to one or two months’ rental fee.

Price indexing:
Each year in July the rent may be raised by the rate of inflation( in accordance to government regulations). This is about 1.5 % of the monthly rental price.

Sales Tax:
You can expect to pay a Value Added Tax (BTW) of 21% on goods and services. 6% for books, flowers etc..

Utility costs:
Gas, water and electricity costs depend on a number of factors, such as the age and size of the property. Also the number of persons living in the residence is a factor.

Rental agent commission:
This can vary but in general it is one months rent (ex.19% V.A.T.) (when buying you have to negotiate separately)

Sufferance Tax:
You pay a contribution for your use of the pavements in front of your house or other public lands such as parks and pathways.

Sewerage Tax:
Property owners have to pay sewerage charges for connection to the sewage system.

Garbage Tax:
This is a monthly payment for the collection of your garbage.

Cable TV Connection:
You pay a monthly fee for cable connection enabling you to receive all of the available TV and radio stations.

Land Draining rates and water purification.

Cleaning of central heating boiler.

Internet service providers.

Dog tax.

Parking permits in the city centre.

This information is an indication only !

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