Relocation Eindhoven offers unrivalled relocation support to foreign professionals, expats, and Dutch citizens from outside the Brabant area.

Our service to professionals, expats and new arrivals to Brabant

Whether you want to buy or rent, we offer a full and complete service to support you in all areas of your move.

  • We can offer our clients a wide selection of properties across all of the available housing stock in Brabant. We are not limited to only one company or agency.
  • We coordinate all of the logistics of the move.
  • We will help you to complete all the bureaucratic requirements of the move, from opening a bank account to registration with the municipality and any other issues that arise.
  • To complete the move, we also help you to choose schools and medical services in the area where you have chosen to live.

Our service to Employers in Brabant

An international or even a national move can have a major impact on family life. As the employer, you need to ensure that the whole relocation process runs smoothly so that your new employee can fit into the workplace as soon as possible. By using the tailored services outlined above, you not only make life smoother for your new member of staff, you also make cost and efficiency savings for your company.

For more information on our complete service to new arrivals in Brabant please contact us.